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A Mother's Earth initiative

As a mother, I have grown more and more aware of the amazing mother stories from around the world. These mothers inspire me to get involved, give me hope, have tugged at my heart and motivated me to seek more of them out and share their stories.

They have taught me what hardships and obstacles women all over the planet go through to protect, teach and ensure a future for their little ones. Every story displays a very different aspect of this ever-changing world, some hit close to home, and others perhaps, we were not even aware of. With threats of poverty, illness, extinction, displacement, the future seems somewhat bleak for these families, yet every mother goes headstrong with an undeterred hope for a better tomorrow.

I believe that these stories need to be shared, to ignite hope and help; to stir people’s hearts towards being courageously involved, to reach out and understand more. I believe in this day and age, that television and the Internet are the best venues for story telling, to get the word out. This is where the idea of A Mother’s Earth was born.

A Mother’s Earth is not just about people: it's about creatures, our connection to environmental issues around the world, and recognition that we all have the power to protect and replenish the future, for all living creatures that are here and for those who are coming.

The Expedition will chronicle the interconnectivity of mothers of all species, to introduce viewers to the creativity, compassion and strength of mothers around the world.

A key aspect of the project will be its ability to show how individual stories are part of the larger, universal story of global change for a more sustainable future. The show will be very hands on with many different mothers as they bring up the newest generations, in spite of incredible difficulties. From HIV prevention in Lesotho’s pregnant women to feeding orphan orangutans in Borneo, teaching at a Kuna mother’s ocean conservation school to elephant whispering in Thailand, these are the Mother Stories that we will capture and share with the audience.

By sharing these stories, we want to create a new vision and hope for what it means to live in a world where the children of tomorrow, our most precious resource, have a chance to grow up in a balanced planet. It is time take action: To inspire, educate and create a better world for those who are here and those who are coming...

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